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Teddy's Hike

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

"I dreamed this hike for the Community Kitchen because they gave me back my dreams." - Teddy

Teddy, a client of the Community Kitchen who was homeless for 2.5 years in Loveland and was able to get housing in December 2017, wanted to have a hike to raise money for the Community Kitchen. Teddy would often go to the Community Kitchen to eat and connect with others. He came up with the idea of a hike as a way to make sure The Kitchen would be around for others in their time of need the same way it was for him.

We had such a great time on this hike last year and are looking forward to the 2nd year of this hike. It's always a beautiful thing to be out in nature early in the morning. We hope you're able to join us this year. If not, perhaps you would consider hiking with us 'in-spirit'? For more information, please visit

Funds raised from this event will go toward purchasing food to feed those in need in our community.

#fundraiser #hike

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