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Celebrating 10 Years of Service at Our Garfield Location

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On March 29, 2010, Loveland's Community Kitchen was serving its first meals from the dining room of our new building. Little did we know that 10 years later, we would be spending our building's 10 year anniversary responding to this crisis.

We know first hand the power of our community. And we need your support again. Would you consider being a part of our 10 for 10 fundraiser? We are asking people to give $10 to represent the 10 years in our current facility. If you can donate $10, we are so grateful for that. If you can help us get the word out by sharing this fundraisers, we are thankful for that, too.

Over the past 2 weeks we have seen considerable change as we respond to the COVID-19 crisis. We implemented additional safety measures to keep our clients and volunteers safe. We went from 350+ volunteers to 50 volunteers. We transitioned from being a dine-in food source, to being take out only. We made the difficult decision to provide 1 hot meal a day versus 2-3. We decided the meal we would provide would be in the evenings to continue to support our current and potential working clients. We added a sustainable food bag to support clients in sheltering in place and not having to come to the Community Kitchen daily to be able to eat. We increased our numbers of people served and expect those to increase rapidly over the next coming weeks. We developed education pieces for our clients as access to news sources has been limited for some of them.

Thank you for your support.

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