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The Community Kitchen's Repose to COVID-19

Updates to this page will be made as needed regarding precautions take due to COVID-19:


Beginning Saturday, March 21, we will be serving 1 meal every day.

An evening meal will be served 7 days a week as we want to continue to support those who are working and there are other resources throughout the day that are providing some sort of food resource. 

The evening meal will be served take-out from our parking lot.

In addition to an evening meal, people may also take a sustainable food bag that has enough food for up to 3 meals
We are also expanding the serving hours to help manage the number of people that come.
At the evening meal, people will also receive a sustainable food bag that will contain additional food.

Mon-Fri 5:00-6:30pm
Sat-Sun 3:00-4:30pm

Beginning Monday, March 16, all meals will be served take-out from the parking lot and the dining room will be closed.


The board of the Community Kitchen has been in close contact and our number one priority is to keep everyone safe while providing nutritious meals to those in need. Based on the recommendations of the CDC, health department, and of course, consideration of our own resources, it was decided that the Community Kitchen would move to all of its meals to take out meals and that our dining room would be closed during the meal service. We will continue to operate with our current changes in place, including: restricted number of volunteers, no self-service, volunteers wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing. 

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